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- Workshop inventories of products and supplies

- Equipment and management services

- Knowledge of the market (evolution of trends at the local, regional and national levels)

- Relations with our company's as well as with our suppliers.


As a member of the Uni-Select network, we offer to our business partners a wide range of training programs adapted to your needs.

The training of professionals is an essential element in the success of all.

It is this major reality which motivates Uni-Select to offer a vast choice of training programs. Whether it is for repair shop owners, their employees and technicians, Uni-Select has the winning formula!

You will find courses developed by our experts, to assure you that they answer the specific needs of our industry.

In terms of management, administration or automobile technique, the Uni-Select formula is a sure investment!



ELECTRONIC CATALOGS (This service is reserved for authorised workshops)

- Online stock check

- Access to pricing

- Possibility of ordering your parts online

- access to our suppliers web sites

- Availability to download data to your workshop management software



From our branch in Pincourt we offer a manufacturing service of hydraulic hoses .

We possess a vast inventory of hoses, fittings and adapters.